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Why do Verifiers need Workpass?

We offer a new and exciting service for checking employment and income details so that you can quickly confirm an individual's employment history or income.

We speed up the whole process for providing references. Instead of having to spend time chasing up references, you're able to get them online in seconds. 

Whether you need to check someone's income or employment to deal with their mortgage application, credit card or other loan application, or to check references for job applications, we can help.

Because our information comes directly from the employer's payroll systems or from "exit" references prepared when the employee left the company, it is extremely accurate. 

We will only confirm employment and income details about current and former employees of companies that have asked us to do this work for them. We do not provide general pre-employment screening services on every employee you ask us about. Our service is limited to those employees whose details we have received from employers that partner with us.

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