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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is WorkPass?

A. We offer a database service that you can use to check the employment and income details of current and past employees who have worked for employers that partner with us. You can make your checks online using this site.

Q. Where do you get your information from?

A. We get the information direct from the payrolls of our business customers, and from accurate references prepared for the employees when they leave the company.

Q. What kind of companies could benefit from using WorkPass?

A. Employers of all kinds, including:

o banks and lenders
o mortgage companies
o insurance companies
o estate agents and landlords
o social services
o vetting companies and
o any employer in the UK who is taking on new staff.

Q. How often is WorkPass™ information updated?

A. In most cases, employers update our databases every pay period (usually once a month).

Q. What is a consent code?

A. This number is a security feature. It is created by the employee whose information is to be checked, and allows someone to look at the employee's personal employment details such as their income or performance with a particular company. You don't need a consent code if you only need to look at an employee's basic employment details (such as employment dates and position).

Here are some things you need to know about consent codes:
For security and privacy reasons, the employee whose employment and income details need to be checked is the only person who can create a consent code. They create the consent code in their WorkPass online account or by calling us.

Each consent code can only be used once to get access to an employee's details. If the verifier needs to confirm the employee's income details for a second time (for example, at a later date), they will need a new consent code.

Each consent code is valid only for 30 days. The verifier will have to use it within 30 days of issue.

Q. Why do we need consent codes?

A. To protect the privacy of employees and to satisfy data protection laws.

Q. How does someone create a consent code?

A. The employee needs to log into their online account at and follow the simple online instructions.

Q. What is an employer code? ?

A. It's a number we use to identify a particular employer on our database. We give an employer code to every employer that sends us their employee's information when they first register.

Q. What do you charge for employment and income checks and how can I pay??

A. Please see our pricing section for more details.

Q. Can I check where my order is up to?

A. Yes, by logging onto your online account. Once you order a reference the information will be present to you within seconds therefore there is no delay or waiting time. Everything takes just a matter of a few seconds.

Q. How will I get the results of my checks when they are completed?

A. All the results will displayed on our website and you can print off a copy for your records.

Q. Can I get a copy of checks already made, at a later date?

A. Yes. We will save the results from previous checks in your online account for 24 hours. Just log on to look at them.

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