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Free your team forever from tedious employee referencing and income verifications.

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Who we are

We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Verifile Holdings Limited, which is leading provider of innovative employment screening solutions.

WorkPass® is our secure online system, which provides a complete range of online services for verifying income and employment details. These services:
simplify routine checks
speed up the approval processes and
help you to make informed decisions.

Because the information we use comes straight from employers' payroll and human resources (HR) systems, it is extremely accurate. The service, free for employers to use, automates the process of answering reference requests of all types including those from new employers, mortgage lenders financial service providers, lettings agencies and personal injuries insurers. Providing references can be extremely time consuming to HR departments but provides no real benefit to the business. It is however an essential service for employees who need to verify their employment and income to third party organisations.

Verifile Holdings continues to invests heavily in innovation and has a wide range of unique products and services. Among these unique services are:


The CV Verification & Background Screening Service.


All our services are insured through Lloyd's of London.

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