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Free your team forever from tedious employee referencing and income verifications.

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Who is Workpass for?

HR Departments

By letting us handle the employment and income verification requests you receive, we can greatly reduce the number of queries your team has to deal with, and save you money you would have spent on posting, phoning and faxing back requests. And, by employing us you can strengthen your reputation as a high-quality employer by providing a quick and professional service. It will also be impossible for anyone to forge your references if they are all provided by us. Your legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information in any references you provide is greatly reduced too.


Our online system gives you 24-hour access to your own employment details through a secure account - and makes it easy for you to share them with those people you have authorised yourself. If you are applying for a job or a loan, or if you need to prove your employment history and income for any other reason, we offer a quick and accurate service while protecting your sensitive personal information. For the first time, you are in full control of your personal information.

Information Checkers (Verifiers)

Whether you're a bank, a mortgage provider, an estate agent or any other organisation, our service is the right one for you.

You can ask us to check the income or employment history of any employee whose information we hold. The number of employees we hold information about is growing all the time, which makes our service the best solution for you.

HR & Payroll Service Providers

Whether you're a payroll bureau, an HR Information System provider or an HR Outsourcing provider, you can use WorkPass to streamline the service for your customers.


Connecting your systems to WorkPass offers you the opportunity to act on behalf of many employers and Verifiers.


One of the unfortunate results of a company going out of business is that employees find it difficult to get references and provide details of their previous employment and income. We can help.

We'll be happy to maintain and manage past employment records on behalf on any company you are dealing with, to help you support employees when they need it and provide an even more professional service.

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