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Process-Based Security Measures

We have strict procedures in place to make sure that the organisations that come to us are genuine. All companies wanting to work with us must register with us. To register, the organisation must be: 

  • a recognised legal body
  • an educational establishment
  • a charity or
  • some other organisation set up by law.

Sole traders and partners within organisations who aren’t a registered company can also apply, but they will have to go through our checking procedures.

To protect the more sensitive information we hold about employees, such as references and information about their income, verifiers will need the employee's permission before they can have access to it. The employee can set up a ‘consent code’ using their secure online account and they can give this code to the verifier.

Each time anyone has access to an employee’s file, a record is made and kept within that employee’s online account. This means the employee can monitor who has looked at their information.

We use sophisticated technology to record the whole process, from who provided the initial information and any changes made to it, to who has looked at the information and why. This means we can monitor how the information held in our systems is being used and prevent any misuse.

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