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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the WorkPass service work?

A. Its a simple three-step approach.

1. You upload to our secure system a copy of your employment records for past and present employees, including their current payroll records (if relevant). We only need the information that you would include on a reference and confirmation of an employee's salary. For smaller companies, you can update your employee records manually onto our secure system. If you have agreement with the employee on special wording for their reference, you will be able to add these manually to our secure system.

2. You direct any enquiries for information about your previous employees, exit references and salary confirmations to Verifile. You will not need to answer any of these enquiries yourself going forward.

3. You send updated records to us after each month's payroll is completed.

Q. What services does WorkPass offer?

A. A full range of services.

1. We confirm that former employees worked for you and what their income was, or we provide exit references, depending on which you prefer. We make sure that you meet your legal responsibilities to provide past employment details or exit references, in line with your own internal policies.

2. We confirm employee income and status. We will confirm salary details and employment status for your current employees to financial institutions and other organisations on request.

3. We facilitate the process for requesting and issuing regulated references, where these are applicable.

4. We deal with subject access requests from current or past employees under the Data Protection Act, which means giving them access to the personal information you hold about them.

5. We give each current and previous employee a free account so they can manage access to their information. Employees can create a Consent Code from their online account and then give this code to potential employers, banks and others so that they can quickly and easily check their employment details.

Q. Is WorkPass a global service provider?

A. Yes, WorkPass is designed to handle employment and income records from different countries. It is multilingual and the perfect platform for the multinational corporation that wishes to centralise their provision of references.

Q. How can your service be free?

A. Because we charge the company that is asking for the information. After all, why should you pay for something that adds no value to your business?

Q. How does WorkPass reduce my legal responsibility?

A. If you pass on inaccurate information about a past or current employee, even accidentally, your organisation could face legal action. We can greatly reduce the risk to your business by making sure that references you provide are consistent and that your line managers and HR staff don't give out more information than they should.

Q. What information can a lender or anyone else get from WorkPass?

A. We provide different levels of information depending on how much access an employee has agreed to. Lenders and others who need to verify employment and income would need to obtain the employee's permission before using WorkPass. We can provide basic employment information (dates and position) if the verifier declare they have written permission from the employee to access this information. Verifiers will need to provide us with the employee's Consent Code before they can access more details about their employment history and pay. This way we allow access to sensitive personal information only to those authorised by the employee.

Q. What about data protection issues?

A. You probably already regularly provide payroll and employment information to other organisations. Therefore under the Data Protection Act you are the Data Controller and any third party to whom you send this information in exchange of services are the Data Processor. It is the same with WorkPass as we act as the Data Processor on your behalf. However, we can provide extra protection that you don't usually have when you deal with outside organisations. For example, you may give employee references to anyone who asks for them, without asking for the employee’s permission. We, on the other hand, would get the employee's permission before issuing a detailed reference. This would involve the employee setting up a Consent Code through our website that they would give to their prospective employer or anyone else asking for information. This will improve security and help to keep sensitive personal information private.

Q. Is WorkPass secure?

A. Yes. We use security software in every area of our website where we send or receive personal information. Information sent to us or by us using this software is protected by encryption (in other words, converting the information into code), which means that it can't be read or altered by anyone who isn't authorised to do so.

We also have a detailed privacy policy that tells you exactly what we do and don't do with the information we collect.

Q. Where can I get more information?

Contact us by clicking here.

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