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The Facts

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The Facts

Whether you are applying for a job or a loan, or you need to prove your employment and income for any other reason, we can provide you with a high-quality service and protect your personal information at the same time.

If your employer is registered with us, we will already have set up a secure account for you.

We give you control over the information about your employment and income that your employers hold, and we help other organisations who want to check this information online to do so securely and confidentially. We offer a way for today's employers to give their employees a way to control and monitor who has access to their personal information. 

Usually, employers provide references and answer questions about an employee's employment and income without asking for the employee's permission. However, even those employers who do ask for your permission before they release the information about you cannot be sure that you actually gave them your permission. After all, employers do not keep records of their employees' signatures the way banks do for their customers. 

We will only provide personal information about you if you have created a consent code from your secure WorkPass account. Before we will release this information to anyone making enquiries, they must provide this consent code when they order their checks online.

Each consent code is unique and can only be used once. This makes sure that we only release information that you have given your permission for and that you stay in full control of your information.

If your employer is registered with us, we will already have set up a secure account for you. Just login using the box to the right.

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