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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is WorkPass?

A. It's an automatic service that gives you control over common HR and payroll information. Our employment and income checks are used by employers, lenders, property managers and others when they need to confirm an individual's employment and income details.

Q. How do I use the service?

A. When your current or former employer registers with us, we automatically set up a secure account for you. This account will include all the information that your employer has decided to include. Just log in by entering your surname, National Insurance number and the PIN provided by your employer, in the login box provided.

If more than one of your employers has partnered with us, you only need to log in to the account created by one of them. All the other accounts will be linked to it so you can manage your profile from a single account.

Q. What information will you give to people who ask for my details?

A. That depends on what the person making the checks is looking for. For example, a future employer may want to check your past employment while a mortgage lender is more likely to want to check your income. We can provide information at every level.

Q. Will you give information about my income to just anyone?

A. No. We need your permission before we will release personal information like your salary details. Giving your permission is easy. You can do it online through your personal account.

Q. Is WorkPass secure?

A. Yes. We use special software in every area of our website where we send or receive personal information. Information sent to us or by us using this software is protected by encryption (in other words, converting the information into code), which means that it can't be read or altered by anyone who isn't authorised to do so.

We also have a detailed privacy policy that tells you exactly what we do and don't do with the information we collect.

Q. What is a consent code?

A. This number is a security feature. It is created by the employee whose information is to be checked, and allows someone to look at the employee's personal employment details such as their income or performance with a particular company. You don't need a consent code if you only need to look at an employee's basic employment details (such as employment dates and position).

Here are some things you need to know about consent codes:
For security and privacy reasons, the employee whose employment and income details need to be checked is the only person who can create a consent code. They create the consent code in their WorkPass online account or by calling us.

Each consent code can only be used once to get access to an employee’s details. If the verifier needs to confirm the employee's income details for a second time (for example, at a later date), they will need a new consent code.

Each consent code is valid only for 30 days. The verifier will have to use it within 30 days of issue.

Q. How does someone create a consent code?

A. The employee needs to log into their online account at and follow the simple online instructions.

Q. Where can I get more information?

Contact us by clicking here.

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