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Employers find an innovative way to escape the growing expense of providing references.

04 Sep 2009

WorkPass sees a sharp increase in companies seeking to outsource employee reference management.

An innovative new service lowers costs, speeds reference provisioning and strengthens data protection.

The end is in sight for irresponsible lending applications based on salary lies

Bedford, UK 2nd September 2009 

Unemployment is at its highest for over a decade and still rising fast. One unexpected impact of this trend has been to increase the administrative burden on Human Resource (HR) departments, whose staff are required to provide references for the rising number of former employees who are seeking jobs.

Added to that is the growing scrutiny of landlords and lending organisations seeking to authenticate the salary details of current employees, in the wake of recent scandals about irresponsible lending. It is all making managing references unacceptably time-consuming and costly for HR teams, at a time when most businesses are seeking to find new efficiencies and save money.

As a result, more and more employers are choosing to entrust reference management to the specialists at WorkPass. “Using WorkPass is one of those rare things in business: a genuine no-brainer,” explains Managing Director Eyal Ben-Cohen. “It’s an innovative, online solution that’s able to handle all kinds of reference requests relating to both previous employees looking for work and current ones looking for, say, a bank loan or to rent a property.”

WorkPass is a wholly owned subsidiary of Verifile Ltd — the UK’s leading provider of pre-employment screening services. Its services are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act — which means that using WorkPass helps businesses pass the common compliance challenges associated with providing references over to WorkPass, thereby reducing their risks.

Ben-Cohen continues: “We take data protection very seriously. That’s why we make sure that each employee has control over who can access their data by letting them generate consent codes which provide controlled access to their details on our site.”

As well as effortlessly maintaining high levels of compliance, clients can provide a platinum service that enhances the good reputation of their organisation, while freeing up costly HR resource, helping them to deliver real and rapid cost savings.

Uniquely on the market, WorkPass is offered as a free service to employers and employees. Reference-seekers instead pay a small access fee for the benefit of getting accurate and speedy responses to their online queries, often within seconds – saving them time and money as well.

Employers can offer a flexible choice of references though WorkPass. These include providing basic references, confirming only dates of employment and position held; detailed references of the sort usually sought by financial institutions requiring confirmation of salary; and customised references, such as those required under compromise agreements.

To help businesses calculate the true cost of providing references – and therefore what they could save with this new service – WorkPass has created a quick and easy return on investment calculator.


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