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04 Jan 2012

UK recruitment body, Institute of Recruiters (IOR), has set up a partnership with employment and income verification service, WorkPass, to help members to comply with the organisation’s code of conduct surrounding ethical recruiting. WorkPass, an online solution to speed up the process of outgoing references, is also being used by the IOR for its employees. 

The service, free for employers to use, automates the process of answering reference requests of all types including those from new employers, mortgage lenders financial service providers, lettings agencies and personal injuries insurers. Providing references can be extremely time consuming to HR departments but provides no real benefit to the business. It is however an essential service for employees who need to verify their employment and income to third party organisations. 

Azmat Mohammed, Group President and CEO of the IOR said: “We are the first member organisation to have an explicit clause that states members have to seek employees’ permission before sending out personal information. Members also agree to determine the experience and qualifications of candidates as appropriate to their clients’ needs, or as required by law. We chose to partner with WorkPass as it was easy to see how it would help our members to adhere to our code. 

“In addition, providing references should be an easy task but clarifying start dates, salaries and addresses can take up precious time. WorkPass will help us and our members to work more efficiently and save time,” continued Mohammed. 

Employers use WorkPass for free and the people requesting references pay a small fee for the convenience of getting them instantly online. The service allows references to be accessed only with employees’ consent.

Eyal Ben Cohen, Managing Director of WorkPass said: “We are wholly committed to working in partnership with the IOR to represent the interests of recruiters and HR professionals by adding to the range of benefits and services on offer to members.”


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