Why do Employers need Workpass?

You’re constantly asked to provide references for your former employees, and to confirm your current employees’ income to banks and other credit agencies. 

This can take a lot of time and prevent your staff from doing other things. It also increases your administrative costs. Statistics suggest that you are likely to get even busier as more companies check their candidates.

Now, you can let us take over all those time-consuming tasks for you, at no extra cost. We will make sure that the references you provide are consistent and that your line managers and HR department don’t give out more information than they should. This greatly reduces the risk of legal action against you. It also means that people cannot forge your references by writing letters and pretending that they are from you.

We can help you simplify the whole referencing process. We also provide a simple way for you to handle ‘subject access requests’, which are made by employees under the Data Protection Act 1998 when they want to see the personal information you hold about them.

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