WorkPass is a secure online system for verifying employment and income details, which is easy to use.

It’s designed to make it easy for employers to provide information about their current and former employees to other organisations, for example mortgage lenders, estate agents, recruitment firms or prospective employers.

Our system has various levels of built-in security. Only the employees themselves can grant access to their personal information. They do this by using a consent code that they can set up on their own online account. This makes WorkPass the safest way for employers to share details about employment and income.


Types of service we offer:




We offer three main types of references – basic, detailed and regulated. You need to know the employee’s identity number and the employer's name to obtain a reference.


1. Basic reference


This reference includes the employee's name, dates of their employment and the position they held. Some employers may provide additional information depending on their policy. To get this reference, you need the employee's identity number and the name of their employer. The main purpose of this reference is to verify the employment. You need to obtain the employee’s authorisation before accessing this information and we may ask for a proof of this authorisation.


2. Detailed reference


This reference may include the employee's name, job title, dates of employment, employment status (for example, part-time, full-time, temporary and so on), payroll details, their reasons for leaving, any disciplinary action against them and any HR-related information the employer is willing to share with third party organisations. You can only get the results of these detailed references by using a consent code provided to you by the employee.


3. Regulated reference


An example of a regulated reference is a reference being provided under the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) rules. The FCA requires regulated firms to issue references for certain groups of employees. Regulated references, including FCA references, must be up to date, so employers usually need to collect information from a variety of sources before issuing the reference. Unfortunately this means that results cannot be provided instantaneously as with our basic and detailed references. Instead, your request for a regulated reference will be made available to the employer via the WorkPass system. Once the employer has written the reference, WorkPass will alert you via email and the reference will be available for you to collect for the next 5 days.


Missing Reference Search


Occasionally verifiers are not able to find the details of an individual on WorkPass. Mostly, this is due to the fact that the individual in question might have worked for the employer as a contractor or through a temporary employment agency. As most employers do not keep a record of such individuals on their HR system, they are unable to provide a reference for them. Should you still want the employer to double check their records and come back with a definitive answer, the "Missing Reference Search" option is the one to choose. You will be asked to supply as much information as you have on the individual to aid the employer with their search. Once the employer has undertaken the manual search, WorkPass will alert you by email and the reference will be available for you to collect for the next 5 days.


Premium account access


If an employee requests ‘Premium account access’, we will give them a copy of the information we hold about them, including a list of other people or organisations who have had access to their records.


Consent code


Employees can create consent codes from their own secure online account and use them to allow other people or organisations to look at their personal files that we hold. This is the best way to make sure that the employees themselves have given permission for their information to be revealed.


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